Tackle climate change with a card game.

Let's play our way to a brighter future!

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Play smart. Stay cool.

Don’t change the climate. Change the game. We all face the same events as a result of the climate crisis. Let’s team up and solve them together.

Act now. Debate later.

The planet doesn’t care about our opinions on climate change. So why not clean up our act anyway? It can’t hurt, and it might just help save life as we know it.

How the game works

Green House is a cooperative card game, a climate change simulator, a conversation starter, and an educational journey all rolled into one. It’s designed for 1-8 Players, ages 12 and up. Games take around 20-30 minutes to complete.

Draw an event.

Start each turn by drawing a climate event. These may be scary, but they can inspire us to action.

Take action.

We’ve packed 64 climate solution cards into this game. Use them to eliminate greenhouse gases.

Work together.

You’ll have to team up to clean our skies before running out of money, time, hope, or fresh air.

Win a better future.

If you succeed, you’ll create a path to a clearer, brighter, happier future. One we can all enjoy together.

What's in the box?

All the pieces you’ll need to save us and the world!
30 Climate Tokens
47 Money Tokens
3 Hope Tokens
26 Climate Cause & Effect Event Cards
64 Solution-Focused Action Cards

Get your copy, your way.

Green House is available as a print-and-play, a box set, or a classroom experience. Pick the one that’s right for you and yours.

Card Game - $33

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Print your game at home and play with friends and family. Get the game delivered directly to your inbox immediately upon payment. Easier on the environment and your wallet!
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School Set - $160

Give your class the gift of hope and wisdom. Power a new generation of climate leaders. Get 5 copies of the Card Game (ships now). And then get the Teacher's Guide for using the game as part of a core Science curriculum, AND a Conversation-Starter Guide for parents, kids, and families delivered to your inbox June 2021.
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Stop predicting. Start solving.

It’s time to focus on how we’re going to solve climate change, not what’s going to happen if we don’t.

Looking for climate solutions?

We've got 65 and counting!

Meet the Creators

Alix Dvorak: Climate Advocate, Avid Game Player

Alix is a consultant and climate advocate. She envisions the future - full of equity, clean tech, and nature - then she works to do her part. While she’s new to creating games, she’s always loved playing them with friends and family.
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Adam Lupu: Game Designer, STEM Educator

A former Earth Science Teacher, Adam designs games and builds businesses. He specializes in tackling really big problems (like climate change and global skills gaps) with innovative media and software solutions.
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Meet the Design Team


Eli T. Nartey is a Freelance Illustrator & Animator who goes by the handle: Eli Inkman. He loves creating art to tell stories!
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A full-time graphic designer and creative director based in Philadelphia, PA, Brigette has 10 years of design experience, including 5 in the board game industry.
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Michael has worked across tech, policy, design, and entrepreneurship to build self-sovereign communities in North America and Africa. He creates websites and Limitless Harmony.
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Meet the Dev Team


An activist, programmer, and creative located in the Twin Cities, Mikayla can be found biking along the Mississippi, stopping often to look at the waterfalls.
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Tanner works at the intersections of education, technology, politics, and social-economic justice. Most recently, he led engineering at Swayable (YC 2018).
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A web developer by trade, Amber is passionately designing and engineering solutions to environmental and social problems.
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